turmeric house




Turmerichouse, Founded by Clare Watson, is an innovative concept & creative studio specialising in spaces & events, using creative innovation to produce unique, multi-sensory experiences on any scale that a multitude of audiences can relate to.



Our Story

Founder Creative Director Clare Watson ; freelance stylist, Product Designer, event curator, spatial analysis + Globe trotter is always on the move creating fresh ideas + experiences, over the past 15yrs working with amazing people and brands on lots of exciting projects.

Living through lifestyle landscaping Clare has surrounded herself with a multitude of creative experts working to create unique innovative spaces and experiences. Clare pulls the perfect team together to create powerful new formats in visual communication to make projects truly original and memorable.

Turmerichouse creates unique, unforgettable, multi sensory experiences for projects and events of all kinds.

Hot off the Press

Our work has been featured in the following uk publications:

Tatler | Harpers Bazaar | Daily Mail | Daily Telegraph | Elle | YOU Magazine | People | Evening Standard | The sun | The Mail on Sunday | Wedding Ideas | SurreyLife |

Our commercial clients include

ANTHROPOLOGIE | Red Magazine | Mustard Made | Urban Outfitters | Soho House | Samsung | Tiffany’s | AS Fairs Decorative & Salvage shows | 91MAGAZINE |


“TurmericHouse, who really is magic, so creative, calm + experienced. We couldn’t have had the party without you + we are so lucky we met you” - Jess Mustardmade

“Set up was absolutely dreamy!” - Apogee Interiors

“Turmerichouse, you are a dream. Organiser extraordinaire. Creative wizard. None of it would have been possible without you”- Becca Mustardmade

“The legend that is Clare from Turmerichouse - within about 3 sentences of talking I was totally in awe of her brilliance! Looking to put on a dreamy event? you need Clare in your life! -Katie Oh Squirrel

“moroccan wonder - Gorgeous styling & scents, thanks for a lovely evening! - Selina Lake

"Clare curated a beautiful evening in the summer to bring together mindfulness based activities, Clare’s events always stand out with the innovative touches of detail, each theme really came together creating a multi sensory adventure for people to relax and think differently in" — Emily Hodge Coachingemily.com

"Creating and directing bespoke events from concept to installation I knew I’d come to the right place for my events and upcoming book launch " — Noor Hibbert ‘This is your dream’

"her energy is infectious and her project management and vision is second to none. " — Francesca Boyle FEBO designs

"My experience working with Turmeric House was all about quiet, buzz of collaboration and creativity - the sense of flow and ease that occurs when things are done well " — Cathy Pyle