turmeric house




As a style based studio it is all about creating a memorable experience and through styling, multi sensory events and experience we want to make any space, idea or vision into the best experience it can be.

As well as a stylist, interior design studio & mini lifestyle store for Aesthetes and dreamers we specialise in the visual communication of new and existing brands through all aspects of our creative services. 

As 'experience designers' we work to create vision + concept through to direction + creation


what we do?

Fully immersive events experiences - Creating and directing bespoke events from concept to installation. from idea to complete source, set up and creation. Nothing is impossible and we love bringing visions to life.

Space Designers - interior and spatial design combines architectural knowledge, project management and creative design skills. As interior and spatial designers we create concept design for renovation of internal and external spaces.

Interior and styling Services - personal and retail - Theme + colour palette, Propping and shopping, Top Layer Styling, Tablescaping, Look + feel, full room design, spacial analysis


Creative Brand Experience - Retail store design, Store VM training, Customer experience, space experience, Interactive workshops/events and full year event calendars, creative sessions, team building inspiration workshops


we also cover..

Design + Creation - Stage Design, set design, Display/window design, bespoke product displays, POS stands and Brand Displays

Creative Branding - Idea development and vision curation. Logo formation, Development and research 

Digital - Website content, E-commerce advice, Fashion and lifestyle photo editing, Promotion and Brand material 



Our Story

Creative Producer Clare Watson :Interior stylist, creative Director, Product Designer, event curator, spatial analysis + Globe trotter Always on the move creating fresh ideas + experiences 

Living through lifestyle landscaping Clare surrounds herself with a multitude of creative experts working to create unique innovative spaces and experiences.

Turmeric House uses all practical experiences gained in all fields as diverse as theatre, Festival, Visual merchandising, stage and set management, multi- sensory experience design

 With extensive experience in designing, running, production + vision curation your in safe hands.


Hot off the Press


"Clare curated a beautiful evening in the summer to bring together mindfulness based activities, Clare’s events always stand out with the innovative touches of detail, each theme really came together creating a multi sensory adventure for people to relax and think differently in" — Emily Hodge Coachingemily.com

"Creating and directing bespoke events from concept to installation I knew I’d come to the right place for my events and upcoming book launch " — Noor Hibbert ‘This is your dream’

"her energy is infectious and her project management and vision is second to none. " — Francesca Boyle FEBO designs

"My experience working with Turmeric House was all about quiet, buzz of collaboration and creativity - the sense of flow and ease that occurs when things are done well " — Cathy Pyle