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the storytellers series



Turmeric House and Friends will be discussing all angles of storytellering from the visual to the PR & marketing, learn from hands on experience designers transforming your space and how to tell your story. How to take your customer through your space on a journey through merchandising braking down boundaries keeping your customer wanting more

we’ll be talking interactivity, emotion and how to create these emotions and moments in your space and how you deliver your vision and story.

Due to limited places, we recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment



  • storytelling from all angles

  • Advice and inspiration

  • open table and bubbly


23rd november 2018

creative sourcing workshop



Want to get inside founder of Turmerichouse Clare's mind - The reasons for every choice she makes, every brand she works with, every detail that's thought up?

Clare will share her insider knowledge, decorating secrets, and tips and tricks of the trade that will enable you to create beautifully curated spaces . Take away oodles of inspiration, and all you need to start to know how to create your dream home or curated space. 

The Creative styling workshop is an exploration of the creative and business side of styling for at home and commercial work, editorial, ecommerce, and branding. It is designed for  creatives of all types and levels who are interested in learning how to style home décor & tabletop, food & entertaining and weddings & events.

Ticket Space includes style convosations over turmeric tea, advice, inspiration and a field trip to Anthropologie to view how she shops for props and curates pieces. 

Due to limited places, we recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment



  • Style convosations over turmeric tea

  • Advice and inspiration

  • Supplier how to’s

  • A field trip to Anthropologie Guildford to view how props are sourced and collected


3 Days 2 Nights

sourcing Retreat



Got an idea? starting a new venture or just need time out to get re inspired. Turmeric House are exclusively taking you on a mini adventure to Marrakesh to take you to where we create, the restaurants and cafes behind the stories and the wondrous shopping from past sourcing trips. 



  • Lodging and breakfast
  • Market and souk adventures
  • Visits to inspiration spots & hidden restaurants
  • Airport transfers + medina guide

coming soon 2019

Turmerichouse + anthropologie styling workshop



Within the idilic lifestyle store Anthropologie learn the tips and tricks behind styling house Turmeric House. Create and experiment with mixed tabletop styling. 



  • 2 Hr workshop entry
  • £10 off purchase in Anthropologie
  • One on one styling session with Turmeric House
  • Free access to play and create with all store floor stock