Welcome to Turmeric House a space for creatives to collaborate, feel good and bring those groovy ideas to life

As well as a mini lifestyle store for Aesthetes and dreamers we specialise in the visual communication of new and existing brands through all aspects of our creative services.  As 'experience designers' we work to create vision + concept through to direction + creation

The studio works to develop + produce projects, style + create your vision  as well as provide strategy, analysis, inspiration and advice for brands to increase consumer engagement through experience design.

Turmeric house's aim is to display a space in a way that entices consumers to completely enjoy the location, telling a story, enhancing and encouraging a particular journey. We create spaces that access multiple narratives and perspectives, Which makes a more engaging experience.

Watch our event space for new creative workshops to learn new visual skills to enhance your creative space or get in touch for a collaboration to bring your vision to life.